Resting Rage
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Title: Resting Rage

Location: Background - Popocatépetl (17,887 ft. / 5,452 m) Foreground - Iztaccíhuatl (17,343 ft. / 5,286 m), Mexico

Travel Notes: Been there, done that! What mountain should I conquer next? These thoughts no longer enter my mind when I climb. Time on trail has taught me that disrespect leads to carelessness. Popo to the south has swallowed climbers in smoke. I've seen her spout from time-to-time today. Izta, though dormant beneath my feet, has a rage of her own kind. Crosses and memorials along the path account to this. For the moment my body yields, yet my desire to ascend doesn't. I remind myself to focus. Humility balances limits and extends life.