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Please read the following description of each level. This information was written to help you decide which hikes would best meet your particular level of hiking challenge.


Total Elevation Gain / Loss
8 to 12 miles
2,200 feet to 3,300 feet

Description - A steady gait and steadfast determination will more than likely get you to the top of these usually summit driven hikes.

Benchmark Hike - Bridge to Nowhere - 9.6 mile - 1,000' hike. Yes, I know the elevation gain / loss is well under the minimum for this category, but this hike requires constant traversing, back-and-forth, across the East Fork of the San Gabriel River. This, in and of itself, would require a hiker to be that much more skilled to navigate successfully towards the goal.
Benchmark Hike - San Jacinto Peak (10,804') via the Palm Springs Tram (8,400'). This 12 mile - 2,600' hike is scheduled on an annual basis. It's usually a determiner for individuals considering registering for the difficult and extremely difficult hikes.