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Please read the following description of each level. This information was written to help you decide which hikes would best meet your particular level of hiking challenge.


Total Elevation Gain / Loss
1 to 4 miles
Flat to 1,100 feet

Description - If I wanted to take a group of kids on a trip and have them feel good about the day's excursion, this would be the level I would choose for them. The experience (to them) may feel like a complete adventure, but it wouldn't be one that would forever taint them of wanting to hike again.

Benchmark Hike - Our annual Lunar Hike at Joshua Tree National Park is a perfect Green Circle Hike. There is minimal elevation gain, and most people feel that we hiked "just enough" to even consider it a hike.
Benchmark Hike - Holy Jim Trail to Holy Jim Falls (Santa Ana Mountains). This 2.8 mi. 650' trip is quite frequently traversed by kids, and it's just deep enough in nature to make them feel like their journey was really out there.