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Please read the following description of each level. This information was written to help you decide which hikes would best meet your particular level of hiking challenge.


Total Elevation Gain / Loss
4 to 8 miles
1,100 feet to 2,200 feet

Description - While on these trails, we tend to not get too spread out from one another. There are frequent breaks, and hiking at your own pace is highly encouraged. But don't underestimate the challenges of the Blue Square: Odds are you'll sweat and feel it in your legs the following day.

Benchmark Hike - Red Rock Canyon - Nightmare Gulch Loop. Though the numbers on this hike have never been officially charted, I'd guess it's a 7 mile loop with definitely over 1,100 feet of elevation gain.
Benchmark Hike - Baldy Notch (7,802') - Devil's Backbone Trail - Mt. Baldy Summit (10,064') By far, the "more" difficult Blue Square Hike we have ever done! This 6.4 mile - 2,300' hike had regular Hiking the Trails participants pushing their limits.